Addition of Organochromium Reagents to Carbonyl Compounds

Takai, Kazuhiko


Organochromium compounds can be prepared by two methods: (1) transmetallation from the corresponding organolithium, -magnesium, or –zinc compounds with chromium(III) halides, and (2) reduction of organic substrates, such as halides and unsaturated compounds with chromium(II) salts. The second method is usually the one ised because the first method suffers from low solubility of chromium(III) salts in ethereal solvents and from the difficulty of preparing organolithium compounds. Low-valent chromium species are reducing agents. Reduction of various types of organic halides and compounds having unsaturated hetero-hetero bonds with the chromium (II) species is discussed. Also described are the transmetallation to organochromium compounds from other organometallics, the nature of the carbon-chromium bonds, and the X-ray structure of chromium compounds. Reactions of organochromium reagents with carbonyl compounds and their scope and limitations are described. Included in this discussion are the geminal chromium reagents. Other reagents discussed are the chromium-nickel compounds and alkylchromium and other organochromium reagents.