Catalytic, Enantioselective Transfer Hydrogenation

Kitamura, M.; Yoshimura, M.


The catalytic, enantioselective, transfer hydrogenation of unsaturated compounds is a fundamental transformation for preparing the corresponding saturated products. The reaction is attractive as an alternative to asymmetric hydrogenation because it requires neither hazardous hydrogen gas nor an autoclave. The scope of the substrates used is broad, and the reactions of ketones, imines, functionalized olefins, and heteroaromatics are covered. Both transition metal catalysts and organocatalysts are employed for carrying out the reaction in an enantioselective manner. This chapter describes the scope and limitations of the reaction, along with a discussion of the mechanistic and stereochemical features. Some recent applications in the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industry are presented. The literature through the end of 2017 is covered.